Store and organize your genetic information

Whole genome records

The complete DNA sequence of your genome

Exome sequences

Protein-coding regions of the genome

Transcriptome snapshots

Snapshots of the changing cellular transcriptome

Microarray data

Expression levels of large numbers of genes

Microbiome profiles

Samples of all genes in microbial communities

3D molecular structures

Atomic structures of proteins and other macromolecules

Get insights from your data

Get to know yourself better

My Sequences provides you with everything you can learn from your DNA—from your ancestry to how you respond to certain drugs.

Every day, we review the latest research and use state-of-the-art in silico methods to better predict your clinical outcomes.

You and your data are always safe and secure

With My Sequences

HIPAA-compliant storage

My Sequences' cloud infrastructure allows you to securely store, analyze, and gain insights from your genetic information. Your data is safe both at rest and in transit.

Mandatory 2-step authentication

Use the My Sequences Security Key devices to log in. After you've enrolled, you can also add the built-in security key on a compatible phone.

Enroll in 3-Step Protection

To add an extra layer of security to your information, you can choose to further encrypt your data and only have it interpreted and analyzed on your computer.

Our genetic counselors can answer all your questions

My Sequences helps you navigate the age of the genome, yet there is still a lot to consider with genetic testing.

As a My Sequences customer, you can speak with our genetic counselors who are here to help you make an informed choice.

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